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We went to Como, North Carolina to visit Sarah's family -- it was a joy for us all. Victor loved the freedom to RUN RUN RUN and see tractors (!!!) I loved the quiet and the space that rural living brings. I also really loved getting to meet Sarah's family -- place names and faces together - and I loved how welcoming they were to me and Victor. I had 101 blog posts in my mind throughout the weekend - thoughts of traveling with toddlers, fun with kids in the woods, letting kids find their own fun, books and other thoughts - but like most times, alas, I didn't jot those ideas down (gotta get better at that).

Victor got to drive a tractor with Uncle Sammy -- who he loves and wants to visit again.

They farm cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans and winter wheat - so there was a ton of wonderful equipment to look at, touch and just be near.

There was a wonderful amount of time for outside time, enjoyment of fresh air and running. The wonderful gift of the country -- space to run without a parent right on top of you. Victor found the trail the dogs made between the houses through the fields and happily ran along the path.


Oh, it looks like a simply wonderful time. Victor looks so happy. I hope I can take my beasties to a farm some day. I love being out of the city.

3/28/2008 12:13 PM  

That last picture needs to go in a frame! Glad y'all had fun--Grayson looked at the pictures with me and kept saying, "VROOM, tractor!". :)

3/30/2008 10:55 AM  


I'm so glad you got to meet my brothers and see how gracious they are! All children deserve a chance to run in a wide open field and ride on a tractor!


3/31/2008 9:37 PM  

That field pic is great. So little boy.

4/11/2008 9:28 PM  

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