My, isn't life interesting?

Barney Frank is my hero!

Listening to the speech - cuddled with Victor. Listening to an amazing moment. I don't know if he'll remember it - but he listened for as long as possible before he fell asleep.
Falling asleep with hope tonight.

Silly boy

I get the bike that has been passed down from kid to kid in the neighborhood down from a shelf in the garage...attempt to attach the training wheels. Victor sees it -- COOL! is the response.
We wheel it up to the road. I'm trying to show him how to push with one foot....push with the other foot....round and round...He pushes the brakes more than anything.

After a couple minutes he hops off --"let's go for a walk" he tells me.

Sounds like a plan!

Friday Fill In

1. Dancing to the chicken dance while at a wedding makes me wish I could tackle the DJ.

2. The last time I had blood drawn I nearly passed out and threw up -- it's an arm, not something to poke and dig around in thank you very much. The bruising is much better.

3. When I drive I listen to NPR and talk too much on the phone.

4. I saw George Clooney standing in my dreams -- ha ha.

5. Give me chocolate, give me sleep, give me hugs.

6. Next week I am looking forward to having time with my buddy Lynn on Monday.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sleeping and reading, tomorrow my plans include picking up Lynn from the airport & having dinner and Sunday, I want to go to the waterpark on my birthday!


Here - all is well. Victor was afraid of the Goodyear Blimp -- here in town with the PGA tour. He wanted it to get out of the sky. He didn't like it one bit. He does like Vampire Weekend -- singing along to it in time. A happy surprise. He also can sing along with Gnarls Barkley's Crazy too.
He says things like -- this is tasty. I'm starting school again this week -- back to the grind of that.

Happy happy. You can feel fall at times -- but I try not to admit it -- instead pretending summer is here for a little while longer.

Friday Fill-ins

1. You know you're old when you complain more than celebrate.

2. My heart is divided between watching the Olympics and going to bed.

3. SLEEP is what I need RIGHT NOW!

4. I have felt the wonder of friendship, I have known the depths of caring for and being cared for.

5. Gah, won't these people dance?

6. Smile & laugh as soon as you can!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics , tomorrow my plans include driving to Knoxvillie and Sunday, I want to scrapbook and visit with Paula!

The embend link from YouTube and I have a difference of opinion on what it work! (grrrr)

So please click here to see our adventure at the sandbox park.

Sorry Blog Land

Sorry I've been slow to post -- I was taking a summer session class which meant
a. more work crammed into a smaller amount of time
b. by the end of work and school, I am really done with the computer
c. sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day.

But here I am now with a little of this and that to report.

First -- it's my third blogserversary -- it was a little over three years ago that I was very pregnant, having had pre-term labor trying to be restful, being that I was the swollen like the girl in Willy Wonka....I wasn't moving too quickly. In blog years, I'm ready for AARP or something. I had started a blog on my observations of moving below the Mason/Dixon Line in 2004, but I did not maintain this is one I've stuck with (despite the times I don't post now and again).
Thank you dear blog readers for sticking with us -- for following our thrilling and mundane adventures.

Yuri is settling into his life in California. He has a job in Silicon Valley and it seems like it really suits him. He visits my grandparents in Sacramento a couple times a month, which everyone loves. He gets to sleep on a bed (vs. the studio apartment air mattress) and they feed him all weekend. Next weekend he's going camping in Oregon with a friend from work -- I'm glad he's connecting with the folks he's working with (considering it's a small company of 10 or so, I guess it's expected)
We keep connected via Skype and the webcam -- as much as I can get Victor to sit..still...and actually talk to him. Victor will ask about Daddy 100 times a day -- but when I get the 2 of them on the phone, Victor clams up.

The other day Victor and my mom were playing guitar -- my mom maintaining a strong strum while Victor added his little riff -- he was standing towards the closet door -- towards his audience of pants and t-shirts singing his song "I said BOOM BOOM BOOM. I said BOOM BOOM BOOM!" after singing this, dancing and bobbing his head, he would raise his hand and say
"Thank you . Thank you very much. I appreciate it" I think he listens to a lot of Elvis when he's at Erma's house, where he goes to for childcare. He loves music of all types for sure. When he's tired of listening to the headlines of the daily news -- I hear a quiet "Music on please".....wait....listen to Carl Kasell a little more....wait....a little louder now "Music On Please!" and if there is a longer musical interlude on NPR that he doesn't feel is enough music, when it finishes I hear an exasperated toddler voice "Music Please!".

Tonight he helped me make salad -- he loves to to help me cook. The lettuce, truthfully, was on it's last leg -- I picked what was edible from the pile of greens -- and Victor was in charge of the salad spinner and getting it into the bowl. He has been really into imagining he works at Papa John's Pizza, and will tell little stories of cheese, pepperoni, Diet Coke and pizza slices. So as he's telling this story, while he moves the salad from bowl to bowl, the lettuce is looking a little worse. He pulls out a spoon and starts mixing the salad -- quickly turning what was already a little rough....into a lettuce mash. We had cantaloupe for dinner instead.
Yesterday he and I made ice cream cone cupcakes for our fantablous friend Felecia's birthday -- the day should have been renamed "FingerInFrosting Day". All day long he had frosting on his face, on his shirt, on his arms -- but when I asked where he found it: HUH? was the reply. Near the end of the day, we delivered the cupcones to Felecia -- and he was really proud to deliver them.

Victor is still awake right now -- nearly 10pm. Fighting sleep by scratching his spots...asking questions (that I don't answer) and trying to read in the dark. Go to sleep little man. Tomorrow's a new day.

Love this -- it just makes you believe in the world a little more. People are good -- sometimes when you slug through all the headlines, it's easy to loose sight of that a little.

I am loving the Flip camera - it's small, easy to use and I was able to make this while I was talking on the phone...well..I do a lot while I talk on the phone (weeding, Christmas tree removal, Christmas lights on the porch) so it's easier than multi-tasking those things. Fun fun.

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