Still here...

I'm working on my homework right now....sleepy and ready for bed, I thought I would let me e-family know we're still here. ;)

Here's a couple things to share --

Last night, at dinner, we were talking about the dismal economic news and Victor shook his head and sadly said "Economics"...
Surprised we asked if he was worried about the current state of the economy?
"Yes." with a fore lorn tone.
I asked "Who do you think can fix it?"
Seriously he said "Obama. 'Bama for president."
Yuri was shocked -- "How does he know this stuff?!"
I guess making him listen to NPR all the time does something.......
This morning at breakfast, while we watched the Today Show, he pointed and said "Clinton", "Obama" and then when they showed McCain "Candidate" in the spirit of bipartisanship, I've been teaching him to say McCain.

Victor thinks everyone has a penis. He isn't really understanding the difference between girls and boys these days. I have to remind him that girls have girl parts, but he usually replies "penis!" It's fun when he tells this to people we don't really know.

I am shooting 3 weddings this spring! Crazy! They are all friends, they are all kind people who don't have an ounce of bridezilla in them -- so I am looking forward to capturing their day. Maybe this is something that will grow further.....but no bridezilla's...can I have that on a business card?

To-do's this weekend:

  • Go update
  • Gratitude catch up (bottled up thanks inside me for sure!)
  • No Book buying challenge update
  • General Victorness


Victor for President!

4/03/2008 8:56 AM  

What a great kid!

Immy thinks she is a boy. And she thinks penises are bandaids. When ever she sees her brother's she asks how he got his owie.

Kids are nuts!

4/05/2008 9:19 AM  

When I told my approximately 3 year old son the sad news that his good friend who was a girl did not have a penis, he was so upset and horrified that he went into one of his most major fits to date (and as Sarah can attest, there have been a lot!). I had to agree to disagree with him about girl and boy part differences, trusting he'd figure it all out eventually.

4/06/2008 2:56 PM  

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