Go Update....

I have tried hard to make GO! part of my daily and weekly routine - this was part of my 2oo8 commitments. My had a goal to try to fit activity into my life as a way to get fit and hopefully find myself a little smaller by the end of the year.
Like most things, it's about getting into a routine. Getting used to a new way of feeling and spending time. So far, I have made it to the gym at least once a week most weeks...which isn't going to get me a gold star.... Part of our progress that has been exciting -- Victor enjoys going to "gym-playground", so I don't feel sad when I leave him there screaming and grabbing for us. We have been going to the park and outside more (with sir moves a lot it's just the way we have to be) and I try to play with little man as much as possible (which also keeps him from launching himself off the top decks of the play structure).
I need to recommit myself to this - try to go twice a week and go for a walk at least 4 other times. I don't expect or need to be on an alternate on the Olympic track team, but I would like to be able to keep up with Victor even better.
I'm going to a Run/Stroll/Walk 5K with Victor that will help the YWCA of Greensboro in a couple weeks....one step in front of the other...I'll GO!


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