No Books in 2008.....

In case you don't remember - I have committed to not buy any new books in 2008.

I've been able to stick to this so far - but I have figured out some ways to keep track of the books I would like to read once the year is wrapped up. I have my librarything and goodreads account that I can toss a title in as a "to-be read". I've also been using as another way to keep titles -- and so I can see if the book is available in a library. I've been using the library a lot -- I have been using their request system a ton, so I've been able to get to lots of the newer titles people have been talking about (as long as I'm not on a to-be-read timeline).

I did buy 4 books for various book clubs that I'm in --- I did try to find them from the library or from other people first, but a couple of the more off the beaten trail books weren't available. I still read Publisher's Weekly, Entertainment Weekly's book section, and Bookreporter -- but rather than hoping I'll get to an interesting book right away....I have to wait and savor the book I am reading today.

I have also been lucky enough to get 4 books so far this year to review from publishers (Early Reviewers from Librarything and another one just arrived on my doorstep) - perhaps the UPS man will bring me something to read tomorrow.

A couple books have been given to me as well - 2 so far this year. (Thank YOU!). I guess I could have put them on a shelf until 09...but that just seems silly. They are in my house - they will be read.


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