Sacramento Happenings --

(A picture from the birthday archives of Victor towing a couple buddies in the wagon around the park - we were all surprised he could pull them both!)
Victor & Yuri are still in California. I check in enough not to be annoying. I trust my grandparents from here to the moon to take good care - but it's nice to know everything is ok, and get a little kid-fix with a "Hi Momma" now & again.
They are spending their days playing the backyard, poking at bugs, going to the park, riding the bus and light rail and just having fun. My grandma is just so wonderful with him - she is able to stop....and play....sit and look at bugs for much longer than I can, and of course, Victor is soaking it up like a sponge. Great-grandparents are good for us.
Victor has a re-developed his love of rice (you might remember the rice controversy from last year) and wants to make sure the neighbor, Leno, is eating his rice. He'll stand in the front yard calling out LEEENOOOO COOOOOK RRIIIIICCE!!! over and over again. Leno lives aross the street from my grandparents & have known me since I was born!
Yuri is doing well -- he's recovered from the stomach bug (that I like to think of as a new diet rather than thinking of it as being sick) we all had. Traveling with a stomach thing is pretty much the worse thing ever.
Mom & I are heading to Boone this weekend to meet up with friends to scrapbook & have some fun! Can't wait. I think I need to stop at Blockbuster for Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles!


That's so funny, "Leno, cook rice!" These little people can sound quite authoritative, can't they? E shouts her observations insistently and repeatedly, demanding acknowledgement. Sometimes I'm like, "Yes, yes, (for **'s sake), it's a BUS!!" And then she'll tell me it's "geen!!" "geen!!" "GEEN!!!" I take a cleansing breath and say carefully like a teacher, "Yes, it's a green bus." She settles back in her car seat, satisfied that she got her point across.

10/04/2007 9:18 PM  

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