Bug is back in town

Sorry for the delay in posting...the boys came back on Friday, late - we actually got home around midnight. They had a terrific time w/my grandparents in Sacramento.

So now we're getting back into the swing of things - Erma (who wrangles the kids when I work)is on break, so today I'm home with Emma & Victor. Today we went to the park to wear them out a little. There was a clan of 2 year olds - and like all 2 year olds they were big and little, tall and short, talking and quiet. In fact Victor and 2 girls were all born within a week of eachother. One of the mom's asked how old Victor is -- I mentioned he just turned two last month. She then asked - why is he so small.
My reply - oh...we don't feed him much. Laughing I said, actually he doesn't eat much I guess. Then kidding, I said to Victor, put those acorns in your pockets honey for supper. (he was filling his pockets w/'corns)
I thought I had naviagated that little blip, when she mentioned that Emma, who is 2 months younger was bigger then him. I said..well someone has to help get you 98 percentile kids on the charts - because we're now back on the charts now and we're happy at 10th percentile.
Hummmm, I guess he is small....but I love him little the way he is....I think of it as an economical thing - he's just trying to wear his clothes as a long as possible. :)

Not much else going on - made it through mid-terms - getting ready to put in hardwood floors in a couple weeks.

I just got the toys put away mostly....as I type this I hear the banging crashing that sounds like I need wash....rinse....repeat.... on the toys.


Yay for the boys being back. I bet it feels good to have them back in the house. I think people just don't think sometimes. People come in all shapes and sizes and that goes for kids too. I think Victor is perfect.

10/16/2007 7:30 PM  

Glad the boys made it back safely! Any chance of getting together sometime soon?

10/16/2007 11:18 PM  

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