We are getting hardwood floors installed starting November 5th - and like most things, when you start one project, you realize that 2 or 3 other projects that can piggy back on the 1st one. In our case it was painting - suddenly realzing that if the tile & carpet were being taken out, then perhaps we wouldn't need to be so careful with edges etc. So we are having at it - but like most things you do with a toddler, it's a different experience.
Like a dipped hand in paint and can act as a brush around the room with that color (worked out because it was the right color)
Or trying to paint the walls with a brush, with paint is fun..until you want to paint the trim and a window.
Or perhaps best of all - if your parents are occupied with a painting project you can sneak onto the kitchen island and eat the coffee cake your dad left out.
Learning so many exciting things.

Victor has enjoyed having the downstairs pretty much empty - there is tons of space to run around, which is wicked fun when you're 2.

We had Victor's speach eval last week - it looks like he'll get services. I know he'll get it before too long, but any help along the way is great. It's like everything in life - you can get fit on your own, but isn't it nice to have a personal trainer.
We also had a cardiology appointment for an eccocardiogram & EKG - it was an experience. Trying to keep a toddler still while someone rubs cold gel and then moves a strange instrument all over you is not something you want to sit still for.
I understand that the staff that has to do that sort of thing doesn't really want to have a moving kid there, but it's not easy to keep a toddler still for so long....so any grumpy attitude doesn't help the situation. Oh well, I suppose not everyone can be Mary Poppins....
We were checking Victor to see if he has what Yuri has - Wolff-Parkinson-White (50/50 chance he does because it's gentic. Victor also has a heart murmor they found at his 2 year old appointment, so his pedi wanted to get some baseline information on where it's at, what it's doing, what we might need to watch out for. Next step will be to hear from the pediatric cardiologist at Baptist Medical Center's Brenner's Children's Hosptial. I hope that we'll continue to hear the all-clear bell from all these appointments.

Before my lunch break is over -- Victor is in love the with moon and stars.


Good news about the services... extra help is always a +.

My cousin has Wolff Parkinson White too. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for Victor. I bet you were glad when those appts were over. I get stressed just thinking about it for you. Update as soon as you know please.

10/31/2007 7:41 PM  

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