They made it!

Touch down -- Victor & Yuri made it to California -- phew. Victor thought he would rattle our cage a little by starting to throw up at 4 in the morning, which made things stressful -- wondering if we should cancel, or reschedule, etc. But in the end, it was a one time deal, so they went and it went smoothly! Ahhhh..

It's even better that they went because we found out (in typical fashion in my family) that my grandpa -- known as Papa, was in the hospital for 3 days (he was discharged Friday) being treated for a sudden drop in blood pressure, related to a imbalance of minerals. But I don't know if they are sugar-coating the situation for us or not -- but I'm glad that Victor & Yuri are there to spend time together and perhaps keep up to date on what's happening. Papa has been a father figure to me and is an important part of our family -- so facing his mortality isn't a walk in the park. Both Yuri and I lost our dad's early in life, so Papa is Victor's only grandfather.
It sounds like so far in the visit, Papa is really spending time with Victor, going for walks.

Here's a couple highlights from the trip so far --
Victor got a credit card out of Yuri's wallet & runs around the house shouting "MONEY..MONEY!" I wonder how he figured that out.

In the Dallas, with all the lights and people moving around, Victor managed to catch a view of the moon -- and started shouting -- MOON! MOON! Pretty cool.


I like all those widgets you have on your sidebar. Nice blog! We'd love to have you as a roomie on our blog network if you're interested.

9/29/2007 5:16 PM  

I'm so glad they made it! Especially after a puking episode. My stomach lurched when I read that as I thought back to my flight with the Kidlet last week!
I'm so glad things are going well. I hope your grandfather is genuinely better and there's no sugar-coating happening.

10/01/2007 3:49 PM  

I am glad to hear that they arrived safely and I hope that your Grandpa is on the mend. Grandpa's are very important even to adults.

10/04/2007 12:36 AM  

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