Photo update

Things have been a little crazy here - Yuri is in California (he drove there this week -- poor thing is resting before starting his new job in San Jose on Monday). We're here, adjusting to our many changes.

To try and have some smiles - we went to the Tweetsie Railroad today. It's an old fashioned amusement park -- lots of cowboys and indians (I guess they haven't read A People's History) and simple rides that are big hits for the toddler set. the Builder Day. I envisioned a day of frolic, where there was no wining, no crying and only cotton candy and fairy tales -- it was pretty good. Yes, we had crying and some wining -- and we skipped the cotton candy -- but we had fun! And we laughed. And we smiled. It was a good day.

Mom and I thought we were at an Obama rally with all the YES WE CAN!'s that were shouted. Before we got to Tweetsie -- I asked Victor who he was going to see today -- Obama was the reply.

They had all sorts of equipment out by the Bob area --- which of course we thought was for kids to check out....well....someone didn't realize that if they park a tractor by a toddler play area, that maybe kids will play on it...and maybe if they didn't want kids climbing on it -- it might be a good idea to park it some place else. Before we got shut down, we did enjoy the machines.

He was pleasently surprised when the play started going up!

This picture so captures Victor -- having hi to the people below -- saying 'Hi! How You Doing?!' to them all. I saw it and I got a little teary. I speaks of hope to me -- and it reminds me that for all the tough times we've been slugging through -- it's going to be ok.


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