Hello Team Target --
I am a loyal and happy Target shopper - choosing you over other stores because of the environment in your store and the great customer service.
Plus my son loves the popcorn -- so we often call it Popcorn Target or Popcorn Place.
I know that part of customer service is having the check out lines work quickly and easily. But I'm sure you are also aware that many families are working to change their behavior by bringing their own bags. If your check out clerks feel pressure to maintain a certain time per transaction, it's difficult for them to provide good customer service when we bring our own bag.
It's important for our environment that we begin to change our habits related to plastic bags (and so much more) -- but if we are greeted with a frustrated employee (who wants to provide good service but is under pressure to maintain a time standard) when the customer brings their own bags - and it doesn't work as smoothly as it would with the normal plastic bag routine, it creates another barrier to changing behavior.
Perhaps there could be a key that could be pressed when a guest brings their own bags - so that if there were 20 seconds too long on the transaction, you would know why.
Perhaps training the staff on how to use the various bags people bring.
Perhaps encouraging staff to place items back into the cart and the guest and arrange it in their bag after the transaction is complete -- I'm not sure what will work for such a large operation as you have.
But I do know -- that having to face a grumpy Target employee, who would normally provide stellar service, because of a change in customer habits for the greater good is too bad.
And it could change if you developed and acted on a plan.
Looking forward to your reply.
All the best - Marie



How about you and Victor come to Camp Smokey next month and teach a green class?


7/03/2008 1:39 AM  

Hi Marie,

I just stumbled onto your blog, great site! I think your comments about Target are right on and it's so funny that I wrote a similar post about Target not really "getting it" in terms of recycling (’s_eye.html)

I hope they start listening to us soon!

7/20/2008 11:06 PM  

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