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Still no pictures to share -- my camera is sick but hopefully we'll get it operational before long. Anyone with suggestions for camera lens -- please share!

We've continued to enjoy the island life.
Last night one of Yuri's work vendors had a party at the Hard Rock Cafe for its customers -- so open & loud music -- it was great. Victor came too -- which was perfect because the music was so loud that if he hooted & hollered, no one noticed -- phew. Hurricanes are easy to drink...Blue Hawaiians aren't as smooth.....and gin & tonic isn't for me. The whole place was closed off for the party -- and it was full of engineers. He he. I love seeing this culture of people because it's so diverse --- there are people who hardly speak a speck of loud frat boy types -- wide range of people. A few women thrown in but it is a overwhelmingly male dominated group.
We waited until the end of the party to see if we could win the cool geeky door prizes -- (handheld PS system...BOSE earphones....a digital picture frame) -- walking home after 8pm (I know we're such rebels) -the street was alive with music, performances of all types and people. A relaxed parade of sorts.
Today we went to the Kialua beach park on the windward side of the island -- it's a great beach. Victor wasn't interested in the water or the sand at first....all he wanted to do was watch the back-ho that was moving sand to open a river to the ocean (the sand fills it in). We sat for at least an hour in various positions watching the sand scooped and moved to a new home. Victor has really become interested in trucks, dirt movers, planes and the like. If it makes a lot of noise --- he likes it.
Yesterday he wasn't interested in the beach as much as he was interested in watching the trash truck.

Traveling with a toddler has me thinking......

  • Why don't hotels have family floors set aside as needed -- so that no one is worried about early morning screams or naked kids running down the hallway...
  • What about the family airline -- with a ball pit for kids to play in, wider aisles so kids could play on the floor, kid friendly food & movies and a common understanding that kids are a pain on long plane rides and we're all doing the best we can
  • Japanese people really seemed drawn to children and really pay attention to Victor -- they will squat down and ruffle his hair, give him a kiss, make silly faces, and talk to him in Japanese with excitement -- I think their culture values children differently perhaps. People who were sternly taking photographs 5 seconds ago will be kneeling eye level with Victor getting silly. Not something I expected! And then there are the teen-age boys who are too cool to make eye contact with Victor, even when he's saying 'hey hey....hi hi hi' to them when we're the only ones in the elevator. No one else is even around to see them be not 101% coo. Oh well.
  • Beach time = sleep time = Mom's chance to read.

It won't be long before we're back home and back into our 'normal' routine. But getting out, even if it is with a wrangly one in tow is still good. It isn't the same as a sans baby trip -- but it is still a ton of fun and getting knee deep in sand is more fun than I remember.


Hey, Lady! I've been following your blog and loving your descriptions. Miss your great pictures though.

Have decided I need to get a life... (now THERE's news!) My husband is in France, my daughter and son are at the beach, and my 3 co-workers are sipping exotic drinks on sandy beaches and/or having Rocky Mt. highs... It's pretty sad when crossing the Yadkin River feels like going "abroad".

We miss you and are looking forward to hearing "the rest of the story" when you get home.

Safe travels!

6/07/2007 10:02 AM  

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