Little Learnings

Every day we are learning things in our house. For example today we learned that if Victor is playing with my keys while we're in the grocery store (not out in the parking lot, but inside) and he pushes the red panic will set the alarm off. Yep. Hard to know how long the alarm was going off before we learned about that. Sorry about that if you were at the Harris Teeter at 9:00 this morning (the unGodly time)

We learned that in the spring time you have to give a bath everyday because dirt just sticks to him, and I think he loves it. Dirty little boys are something to behold.

We learned that other parents judging each other can be a real downer. I was at the Target on Friday and a big kid (8-10) was having a melt down. Screaming, rigid body, not making any sense. The mother that tucked him under her arm & was walking out. The lady next to said to me "Tsk, well I never..." I thought to myself, there but by the grace of God go I....or anyone really. Who knows what that kid's needs were, what issues that family was dealing with -- but who am I to tsk! tsk! -- I said a little prayer for them that everything worked out ok -- the child was able to regroup, mom kept her patience and their afternoon went along ok. Sarah had mentioned that our children choose us -- and I thought a lot about that on Friday.

I've also learned that checking in is good. Victor does it all the time. He'll be playing run over, touch me & run back to do what needs to be done in his world. A parent is like a little beacon, a guide and it's always nice to know it isn't too far away. I've learned that my mommy buddies are my beacons as well. I can check in, ask questions, wonder, re-group. I'm thankful that they treat my concerns, questions and rants (here and there) with patience and respect.

I've learned that kids eat free night is a beautiful thing. First, the likelihood of other little wilds is good. This means that no one will bunch their panties if a fry is tossed, someone is eating with their shirt off or ketchup really is a veggie. Second it's good because toddler (at least this one) eating habits change like the clouds. They loved mac n'cheese the other, no way. Chicken tenders....up turned beans- today, that's where it's at. Last night, no way. So it's nice when you don't have to pay over $5.oo for a basket of fries (cold even) and a chicken tender.

I've also learned that there should be a different size for skinny babies. Around the waist he's 12-18 months, in the leg 24 months. So if he wears his 24 month shorts, they fall off (literally). 12 monthers and the boy is wearing daisy dukes. Not a good look for a little boy. Suspenders....belts....duct tape....I did find overalls at the last consignment sale I went to. I think they will be a good thing for sure.

I've learned that weaning isn't easy for mom & baby. It's the end of an era for us both. Everyday at work I aggregate the news -- Middle East & Africa -- not always known for touchy, rosy news stories. And I as I read, I have urge, deep in my bones to protect Victor from pain, hurt, suffering -- to guide him towards good, opportunity, hope. Being able to breastfeed him, to offer comfort and safety, to offer nourishment that my body knows how to make for him - it's a good thing. In those moments of our day, as I feed him, all is good. But it is time for the process to begin - mostly because I will be traveling without him in May & the breast pump doesn't do as good a job as it did earlier. I don't want to have mastitis in Mexico...not good. I will find new ways to comfort, and he'll learn new ways too. Parenting is a balance of holding on and letting go.


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