18 months....can it be?!

A year an a half.....time clips by, like a run-a-way train, or like a toddler who just tasted coffee for the 1st time. Parenthood is all it's cracked up to be --- the good, the bad... and the stinky. I've learned a lot in this year and a half -- maybe more than I learned in my formal education. Perhaps I've learned less about facts and more about myself & my family. I've learned more about the human heart, about worry & doubt, about joy & wonder. Dark days & light -- they've all blurred together more and more to be blending together to make a new color that is my life now.
Victor has developed from the baby meatloaf stadge to a little guy full of love & personality. He is on the move -- and explore could easily be his middle name. He wants to know about it -- he wants to figure it out. This morning he saw the potty chair I got for him at a consignment sale last night (reusing is a good thing) and he was captivated by it. He wanted to push it around -- shouting about his new find the whole way. The potty training window has opened -- but it's hard to know if he'll be interested in it at all. Having the chair around is the start. It does light up when liquid hits the pot....pretty snazzy -- in fact it's called the Royal Potty. He will be King of the Toliet some day -- and Yuri will be so proud.
In the beginning Victor was interested in ceiling fans and the wires -- so much has changed, and so much has stayed the same. The next 18 months.....will bring many more changed.
Since December Victor has gained 2 ozs. I think he wants to economize on his clothing & wear them for longer periods of time. He took his shots like a champ.


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