Like most homes where a toddler is running around - trash day is a special day.

Here's what it looks like at our house.
Victor can be completely asleep - but the moment the sounds of the garbage trucks rumbling can be heard.....he's running downstairs like the wind. Yuri or I shuffle downstairs and close an eye on the couch while the recyling truck and then the trash truck moves along the road.

I love how this window is just the right size for him right now. There will be a time when he looks at this little window and won't believe he could stand in it. Easily.

The hard part of trash day is post-pick up, when Victor wants to play with the trash cans, which are generally gross and stinky. And not just ours. The other day he walked through our yard, to the neighbors, pulled their trash can over and got inside. Yuck.

Once he can handle it a little better, we'll redirect this interest into a little business where he'll pull the trash out and return the cans for people. That would be better than just hanging out inside the cans.


LOL!!! What a funny guy! The Kidlet loves seeing the garbage trucks and recycling trucks too. Our garbage men are really friendly and wave to her, which is likely part of the appeal.
Do you have I Stink? It's a book about a garbage truck. Huge, huge hit here!

5/04/2008 4:04 PM  

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