Musical Memoirs

Since my creative well is a little low -- but my extroverted nature still wants to chat -- a prompt is in order.
Here's one that I enjoyed thinking about --
Remember name the first song/artist/album etc that you think of when you see these 10 words.
Country: She thinks my tractor's sexy -- of course I've only heard this song in the grocery store -- but it has some serious ear worm qualities -- I'll be singing it as I try to go to sleep tonight.
Patriotic: Star Spangled Banner -- followed by This Land is Your Land -- I had to sing SSB at my high school graduation -- anyone who was there would let you know it wasn't a good moment to have hearing. I still tear up when I hear that song -- but more out of my own embarrassed self than anything else.
Summer: Summertime -- by Will Smith
Heat: Hot in Here -- Last time I was in Key West that was the song that was on repeat there -- as you walked by nearly every store front "I'm getting so hot...I'm going to take my clothes off" was what you heard.
Fun: The Poopsmith Song -- I love this song. It's always so fun to sing along to -- and I love potty humor. I hope you do too.
Beach: Rockaway Beach -- I heard this song the other day - and it amazed me how cutting edge it was at the time -- and now my toddler likes it.
Surf: The surf music from Pulp Fiction --
Park: Saturday in the Park by Chicago -- I had to sing this song in chorus in high school -- I don't know if I had ever heard it before -- but I hear it all the time now.
Live: In the Name of Love by U2 -- love that song live.
South: Sweet Home Alabama and Carolina on my Mind


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