I've been thinking a lot and noticing how Victor continues to share more of who is he and what he enjoys. In the spirit of not wanting to forget, wanting to share and marvel - here are some things he really likes right now.

1. Airplanes & the airport

2. YouTube videos of Garbage Trucks (bless the people who tape these things too!)

3. Daddy's ear and ears in general

4. His monster truck bike - the push bike he got from Lynn last year for Christmas

5. Cooking -- chopping mushrooms and making pizza

6. Watching videos in his big cozy chair

7. Being outside!

8. Playing with recycling

9. Looking at trucks -- basically anything that moves

10. Visiting with friends

11. Looking at books

12. Baba, paci, bobo

13. Being tickled

14. Playing with water in the sink -- or at least until mommy freaks out about all the water on the floor

15. Going to the park

16. Listening to music (he's moved on from NPR and requests music now)

17. Asking "How are you doing this morning?"

18. Playing his harmonica

19. Get the mail

20. Going to chicken place -- ie: Chik-Fil-A

There's also -- painting, calling friends and laughing into the phone while running away from mommy with the cell phone, flushing pacis down the toilet (this has happened 3 times), saying "Ohhhh-weeee STINKKY!" when something smells, farts and burps (is it genetic, is it a boy thing, is it all of the above?), getting dirty, watering plants, looking at pictures of snakes (he's a little freaked about going to the zoo and having to actually see a snake), did I mention YouTube?!

Two isn't easy - but it's really a lot of fun - I feel like being around Victor these days has helped me to be more in touch with my creativity, my sense of fun and happiness. Two is like the weather -- it can be so blissfully lovely - it can be pretty gray and sad -- but 9 times of out 10 -- wait 20 minutes and it will be different.


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