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The boys are headed to California to visit my grandparents (while Yuri works, Victor hangs out with my grandparents). It's always a huge exercise in trust for me to let Victor travel like that.
I know he is always surrounded by people who care for him and watch him like a hawk -- but it's still hard as a mom to let him go 3,000 miles away like that. I think of how lucky Victor is that he gets to spend so much time with his great-grandparents -- hopefully deep in his head some memories of them will be imprinted in there.

Here's a lesson in don't leave them for a second -
We were in the process of getting ready to take the boys to the airport -- I was putting away all the toys that Victor had pulled out in his nap less afternoon (i.e.: all of them) and Yuri was carrying bags up and down the stairs -- the gate wasn't locked, so Victor went upstairs and poked around the diaper bag -- that had Yuri's meds for the trip in it (do you know where this is heading?).

Like most times when they are getting in trouble - it became strangely quiet.
Suddenly it hits you that it's quiet and as I went upstairs, I saw pills all over the carpet - vitamins, meds, and fish oil -- a pile of OH CRAP!
He was jumping on his bed, excited to go to the airport -- I asked him if he ate any medicine, he said no.....but I didn’t' want to trust that he knew what I was asking him -- so I took him to the bathroom and stuck my finger in his throat.
He gagged but didn't throw up.
I asked him to just throw up in my hand (like he had done when he was sick) but this was not something he was interested in. I tried it a couple more times with no luck.
I called his pedi to ask if they had any vomit inducing tricks - they said I should call poison control. By this time Yuri had accounted for all but one pill -- so I called poison control.
They were great -- asked lots of questions and said that he would be ok. The pill he might have scarfed is bitter, so they didn't think it was likely if he crunched it, he would swallow it because of the taste - and since he didn't have any white residue in his mouth, the poison control lady was pretty sure he didn't have anything and would be ok. The pill in question is for ADD/Anxiety so it wouldn't hurt him if he had 1 -- 100..maybe, but one would just make him sleepy.
But to she told me to
1. Stop sticking my finger in his mouth
2. Give him something to drink and eat. And call back if I had any questions.

Victor (bless his heart) was so excited about riding on an airplane; he quickly recovered from this torture and was pretty happy.
Of course, once they were off -- as I was vacuuming I found it -- on the white part of the staircase -- hiding. Arg.
Lessons learned --- when you are packing put the kiddo in the car 1st -- at least strapped in they can't get into much -- have one parent be the car minder and pack the stuff as the other person brings it -- if this isn't possible - lock them inside at least.
Go find a child-proof travel container for meds
When it's quiet -- they are getting in trouble
Call poison control before torturing your child.
In case you need a smile (and aren't easily offended) click here and if you want to see a good movie -- go see Juno. Get in your car. Go see it.

Hey universe -- thanks for watching out for the boy this afternoon -- and thanks for watching out for them as they travel. I appreciate it. I love them boys.


YIKES! I'm so glad he didn't actually get it! Phew.

Quiet always means they're doing something they shouldn't, doesn't it? The Kidlet was very quiet this afternoon while I was nursing Little Fart.. and I discovered a huge, black crayon mural spanning two walls of her bedroom. Oy vey!

2/02/2008 12:37 PM  

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