Watching the Trash Trucks

Trash day is a big deal at our house. While we're still trying to pretend it's not time to get up, you can hear them rumbling down the street. Victor will peek through the crack in our door through the front window to the street to see the trucks going by. It's pretty cute to see him pressed one eye to the door, trying to catch a glimpse of the recycle truck.

This morning he got to see round two as they went down the street behind us. I love the way he's moved the curtains. He was standing here looking for long enough for me to go, get my camera and come back -- that's some serious attention span for Victor.

Trash day is a simple happy routine in our house - get up and watch for the big trucks. Wave at the guys, thankful for them working in the cold (and later in the blazing hot). Listen for the rumble of the yard waste truck - that one has a grabber on we're waiting to see get used.

Happy Friday!

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