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Sorry to the lack of posts these days. Victor is in California with Yuri visiting my grandparents. Yuri has more vacation time than I do - so he braved flying solo across country. He rocks like that. As you know, a fam-obligat-ation is not the same as using your vacation time for something else -- so I'm thankful for his sweetness to our family.
My grandparents are LOVING it. Love love loving it.
Mom Esther takes him to ride on the bus -- a huge hit with the little man. Then there's the lightrail there in town. Big fun in toddlerville.

Letting Victor travel like this has been a huge learning experience in letting go & trust. Letting go of the 'control' I think I have in our day to day life. Trust in other people taking care of him and being aware of his needs. It's been good for us all. Do I miss them both -- yes! Am I enjoying some delightful mommy time -- yes!

The boys return next week, so I'll have photos & stories to share before too long!


you go Marie!
It is such a huge thing to let them go together! And Yuri does rock for going there!!
We must chat soon!

8/10/2007 7:06 AM  

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