Oh Yeah.....

My buddy Travel Girl pointed out to me that even if my buggers are out in Cali, I might have other things to write about.....thanks for that kick in the pants. It's true for sure -- remember the whole Marie -- all the different aspects to myself.

During my mommy vacation I've enjoyed time to scrapbook to my hearts content! Mom & I have set up the tables in the living room. All week we've been cutting, pasting, creating....and keeping up on celeb news, the tele-novella my mom & grandma watch....bliss for sure. Simple, but so good too. It's nice to have such a long stretch of time to spread things out and just dive in. Yes! I like to really get into a creative pace -- letting the ideas come without worry of time getting into the way.

I've also read......went to the movies....did a little decorating.....got into grad school (yeah yeah yeah)....went to lunch....rode on the lazy river for at least an hour (also known as water park bliss!).....read blogs without distraction....listened to a book on tape......got to the gym twice this week.....even got all the laundry done & folded....little victories.

The boys get back on Wednesday -- so I have some time to myself still. Mom & I are going to Charlotte to go to the science museum tomorrow.....perhaps a visit to the used book store on Sunday (that is bliss without a doubt)....It's been so hot here (humid, hot and ucky air) so reading and chilling sounds good. YAAA HOOO!


CONGRATULATIONS! And yes, thanks for writing about new things :). Though I can't wait to see Victor when he gets home.

8/13/2007 7:08 AM  

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