Bravey bravey

We went to the water park for fun in the sun and it was a terrific day for it. Hot -- sunny -- not too crowded. Ahhhh. Waterpark bliss was had.
OK -- try to picture it -- there is a group of kid sized slide (under 52 inches). There are 3 of them -- the one in the middle is wide and straight. You can tell exactly what's happening & where you are going. It's the one you start out on because it's one your parents can go down with you -- so we were doing that a bunch -- Victor loved it. Felecia would catch him & then help him get started running back up the hill towards the line (he wanted to run into the mulch -- how exactly is that fun?).
Suddenly Victor became interested in the slides on the side -- which are more like traditional curvy slides and mom can't go with.

"Are you sure you want to go? Mommy no go with."

V's head shakes not no -- so that is taken as a yes.

I make sure Felecia is at the bottom to catch him at the new location -- we both schrug in surprise.

He sits down in the slide launch area -- I give him a shove and he's off.

So brave this boy.

Smiling & sitting up he makes it to the bottom.

As we have repeat performances he doesn't always end up sitting up -- he fell on his stomach, going head first - on his back, head first -- but even after he got the stunned look off his face - he would want to do it again....and again...and again.
What fun it is to watch him discover something new, to see him figure out how to test his little boundaries. My job -- to encourage, to give a little push and not let him get over his 21-month little head.

My sweet brave boy -- proud of you!


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