G-Ma in the house

Grandma Hedy --- known as G-Ma is here -- ready to rumble! We tried to find ways to ease her transition south of the Mason/Dixion line by planting some of her favorite bushes and plants around the yard, having some of her organic favorites in the fridge and picking up as much as you can with Captian Distructo pants. We (not the royal we but Victor & I) mopped! We swept and we tried to organize. Well, I organized...Victor took things and moved them around, but not really in any sort of order.

G-Ma is living with us until we all figure out what the next step is -- all get a house together -- find a place w/an in-law apartment -- G-Ma finds something that works for her -- build something -- 2 houses together -- the list goes on and on -- and time will help us understand which option will work best.

I hear little feet running around upstairs -- someone has been released from his crib.


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