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Victor is on the mend I believe -- phew. He seems to have a smile now & again and doesn't just want to be held all the time. I did enjoy he cuddly needs but when it was coupled with crying that got kinda old after a while.
Today during a lap session we watched an interesting program about snakes. He was totally into it -- this kid loves animals without a doubt. He has a marvelous sound he makes when he sees an animal -- it's on the high pitched side of things and he'll often say "Hi" at the same time.
He also loves music -- today we were walking to the oil change place & a car passed with a thumping bass --- he stopped walking, started swinging his arms and bouncing up & down on his little legs. So far I would say he likes hip-hop, bluegrass, classic rock & roll and jingles on TV. More than once he's stopped what he's doing when a particularly good jingle is on to bust a move toddler style. Yuri asked today what instrument should we get for him -- drums, keyboard, guitar. After Lynn heard a brief Victor harmonica concert - she mentioned that John Lennon started with the harmonica.....those are big shoes to even consider -- but it's nice to know what these music musings are good for the little guy.
Speaking of musical musings -- does anyone want to join us at a Dan Zanes concert in July ? I think we're going to do the pajama party on Friday night since somehow I'm signed up for the GRE the following morning (WTF...I mean really)

When I heard someone say their child was 20 months (or so) I would cringe -- kids seemed so ucky at that stage -- ornery, dripping and running in 101 different directions. And, yes the boy is ornery, dripping and runs like the wind -- but as I stand knee deep in toddlerhood -- it really isn't so bad after all.

I think what toddlerhood has been like so far reminds me a lot of listening to the radio -- even when there's a bad song, don't stress about it because something good will come on before long.
I could stress, and spend all day changing the channel, getting my panties in a bundle-- but I would never really find that one song I really wanted to hear.
This way -- I'm pleasantly surprised when an old favorite comes on and come to find new songs that get my grove on.
Moods change quickly in toddler world, so I just have to ride out the grumps and whines -- because before long, smiles will emerge. I try to give him a wide berth of opportunities in the house -- today he was happy to mix crackers with several wooden spoons & mashed some crackers to smithereens. He's figured out how to turn the TV on/off, change the channel. He's called 911 and hung up -- they called back...
Taking the radio station metaphor to the next level -- I was thinking about how much I loved the TOP 40 shows on Sundays when I was a kid -- I wonder what the top 40 of toddlerhood would be. Ideas? Thoughts? Please share....I'll have to figure that one out.

Need a diverson -- try this, that and the other thing

Cute moments:

  • Emma says "bye-bye Victie" when Victor leaves the babysitter's house.
  • He learned about blinking -- and was entralled with my blinking quickly & would laugh and then give me a big hug -- this went on for several minutes.
  • Did I mention that Victor hugs are pretty much the coolest thing ever -- we still have the urge to live in his ear because we love him so much -- but we'll have to settle for hugs instead.
  • Yuri passed his motorcycle class - so he can ride his Vespa with confidence that he knows safety -- today Victor had pulled off his diaper, so running around comando style at the front door - he watched Yuri zip up the street.


the Lennon comment was a joke...but wouldn't that have been cool?

5/24/2007 4:50 PM  

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