Grease is the word!

We had a fun Grease themed Saturday -- we didn't really know how much the theme would really fill our whole night.

First we started at the Tate Street Festival. Grease you does a hippy-dippy street festival related to Grease? Well --- Grease because some people found bathing optional -- leading to grease! We found ourselves feeling old and clean. The first thing we saw when we arrived was a top-less woman hula-hooping. Perhaps it was a way to help keep the holy-rollers from converting people or damning them to hell as had been done in previous years.

We walked down the Jack's Corner -- and had dinner -- keeping with the Grease theme because it was a Greek place -- so we had food from Grease! Aren't we clever?

After that we went to the Triad Pride Men's Chorus Grease-Sing-A-Long --- what fun it was. The prop bag included pom-pom's for cheering during the pep rally, combs so we can comb along with Danny & the boys, pink slips, mechanic rags, toothbrushes during "brush-a-brush-a-brush-a" and bubble for "Beautyschool Drop Out". The costumes were great - there was a bunch of T-Birds, Pink Ladies and a great Beautyschool Dropout in the silver outfit & curlers. When we go next year - Felecia & I will watch the movie before so we can get good ideas for costumes because as the movie went along we had more and more ideas for cool costumes.

As the final part of our grease night -- we topped it off with Hot Chocolate with whipped creme (a bit greasy ya' know) -- of course it was a stretch - we had planned on ice cream but the pouring rain made us change plans. We had also ideas of buttered rum, french fries and other fried delights -- next year we'll have to plan out the theme even more! Victor didn't come this year since it was in the evening.
Maybe he'll be ready in the coming years! There were lots of kids that didn't get all the jokes like with the Muppet Show or Simpson's.


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