Easter with My Guys

It was a quiet day here -- after all the hustle of the kiddie fair yesterday, we were still pretty whooped today. Was it the crowds? Was it the five different radio stations all broadcasting at the same time? Was it the lights? Was it the smell of cotton candy, popcorn, hamburgers & little kids that just did us in? Who knows -- but one thing is for sure -- it took us a long time to recover from the adventure. I know that when Victor is older transitioning from ride to ride will get easier, but right now, he thinks his little world is falling apart. Poor thing. In the summer when we go to the local fairs, I'm sure it will be getting easier for him, and there won't be such a mass of people. He loved the ride though -- little adventurer.

Yuri is excited about the Vespa. He's been tossing the idea around for a few years, but with the current gas prices, the state of planet & watching "Wild Hogs" -- he made the leap. He's been busy studying to get his motorcycle licence -- quizzing me with all the in's & out's of riding. Plus, when my mom gets here, she'll have a car available while she gets settled. Falling into the place is a beautiful thing.

It's a good thing I got some flower shots the other day -- with all the cold, lots of the spring blossoms have been beaten up. Poor things. My azalea's flowers have turned into a pile of pink mush. I'm thankful I didn't plant my window boxes like I had wanted to. In the meantime, I have my 99cent greenhouse in the kitchen starting my seeds!

Spring is such an exciting time -- it's full of possibility and promise. There's a feeling of anything can happen that is so wonderful. While fall has the feeling of wanting to hunker down and start studying a new language -- spring makes me want to open all the windows & plant something. I have the urge to travel and plan an adventure. I was thinking about where we were last Easter -- to now....what will the coming year hold for us? Will Victor understand the concept of an Easter Egg hunt a little better than he did this year? Will he understand that you should take the foil off the candy before you eat it? Will there be other little T's running around or maybe just screaming (that's just a question, not an announcement!)? Will I start new Easter traditions for Victor that will be meaningful & fun? Who knows -- but with the promise of spring, it all seems possible.


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