He's coming!!

Well - it's baby eve! Victor Eve! Motherhood Eve! Hard to believe the time is here.

We had another docs appointment today, and we all feel even better about the section. Basically he's so high up that if we did an induction he could end up breech or not get out at all, and need a section regardless. He loves my ribs! My doc described an induction as 'inhumane' - so I'll take the c-section. My doc is a more conservative OB when it comes to ordering a section, so I know he isn't rushing into things, which makes me feel even more comfortable with the choice we've made.

My mom has continued to organize us, and we've spent lots of great time together. She and I went to the movies on Sat. night -- we laughed and laughed! We've enjoyed just getting things together and just hanging out. It's been a great time to connect and just enjoy eachother.

Starting tomorrow I'LL (!!!) be someone's mom -- I just won't be a daughter, I'll be a mom too! Hard to take it all in! I am trying to be calm and not think about it -- b/c I don't want to focus on the actual procedure -- so I'm trying to be relaxed and as calm as I can be. (ha ha)

He's still a mover and a shaker --I predict he'll be active from 7:30 - 10pm - he seems to be nice and squirmy during that time of day. He also seems to wake up around 4 in the morning too - which wakes me up, so I read for a little while.

Yuri is SO EXCITED to have Victor arrive -- he keeps asking him to come out and loves to tell him he loves him and kisses my belly often. He's been really supportive all along the way -- coming to many appointments, rubbing my belly with cream nightly, and being nice to my feet. He sleeps on the couch next to me, even though it hurts his back. He's getting things lined up so he can stay home with me the next two weeks (until I can drive again at least) so he's busy typing away.

Well, we're having milk shakes tonight -- chocolate malt :) -- when you know you won't get to eat for a while, you want to have a yummy dessert!

Next post -- baby update (HOLY COW!!!!!!)


I'm so happy for you. I'm thinking of you constantly. Enjoy!

9/14/2005 4:51 PM  

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