The Big Arrival!

Wow! He is here, and I am beside myself with love for the little bean. It's still hard to believe that we get to take him home and take care of him - he is such a little dear being. He has started to become more alert and looks around with as Yuri calls them 'his wondering eyes'.

So here's how he came into the world.

We arrived at the hospital around 9 and at 9:40 they brought me into pre-op. Much of the morning felt like it was happening to someone else - I was a little dazed. Trying be relaxed while underneath I was scared and nervous. After getting suited up, Yuri came with

me to the operating room. The nursing staff in there were all great. We talked about other things, which helped to keep me feeling calm and relaxed. Getting the spinal done was a little weird - it wasn't painful, it was really strange -- the numbing went really quickly. Next thing I knew Yuri was by my head talking to me, keeping me calm and the section had begun. After having the doctor push him down (that was a really strange feeling) suddenly we heard his cry. What a relief it was to know he arrived safely and was able to make the transition from the womb into the air. He got cleaned up, and then I got to take my first look at him. It still felt like it wasn't happening to me - it took my brain a little while to wrap itself around all that was happening. Victor and Yuri went off to the nursery to take care of business, and I needed to get repaired myself. After the surgery was wrapped up, I went to the recovery area where I slept on and off while the numbing of my legs went away. After a couple hours, I went to my room where Yuri and my Mom were waiting - they were so happy and supportive of my accomplishment. After waiting a little while, Victor came from the nursery and I got to really look at him. What a cutie!
We tried breastfeeding, and we are both getting the hang of it.

Since then, we've been spending lots of time looking at his dear little face, listening to him breathe and falling in love. Yuri has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water - he went from never holding an infant to being a Dad in just minutes.
This was the two of them on the morning of Victor's second day. Very dear indead.

It's been nice here at the hospital, people on hand to answer questions but they aren't in my face or bothering us. My OB says I'm healing like a champ and should get the staples out tonight or tomorrow.

Well more to come - I have someone to feed now!
Here's his stats -- born at 11:51 am, 7 lbs 6 oz, 20 1/2 inches long - a 14 1/2 inch round head!


Welcome little Victor! Congratulations Marie and Yuri!
I have no doubt, that Victor will teach you both many new things about love and life! What an exciting adventure for you all! There is nothing so precious as experiencing the world through the eyes of a child. What a gift! Happiness and blessings to each of you.

From Marie's old(er) neighbor,
deb petersen

9/16/2005 1:32 PM  

Marie and Yuri, I am so HAPPY FOR YOU! Victor is quite the man! I am so glad you can now be comfortable.
Don't give up on the breastfeeding.
Sometimes it takes a while. I wish you all the Best. There is nothing more rewarding than to be parents. Congratulations!!!!

9/16/2005 4:19 PM  

Marie and Yuri,

Congratulations on your new buddle of joy. We are both excited and happy for the two of you. He really looks adorable and look at all of that hair. We both wish you the best and hope to see you sometime in the future.

Lisa and Bruce

9/16/2005 4:51 PM  

Miles and I just checked out this little superhero, my favorite is the picture of Yuri and Victor- so relaxed they are with their new relationship. I sent you a e-card on your office e-mail but you have a set notice that you are on maternity leave- ck. it out. we love you and want all the news you have time to send!

9/16/2005 9:15 PM  

Marie & Yuri ~
Congratulations new parents. He is beautiful ! I wish you all the best in your new adventures every day with Victor. I can't wait to read all the new updates on your "little bean" :)

9/20/2005 8:12 PM  

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