Going Home!

Well - here we go -- we're getting ready to go home! Our morning has been filled with staff stopping by and checking on us - making sure we have our questions answered and everything is going well. His doctor stopped by at 6:30 this morning (!!) and said he's doing well. Victor has lost some weight, but that's normal and has a little jaundice, but it's in the normal range too. Dr. Anderson wants to see him tomorrow to be sure that all is well. It's reassuring to have all these different people looking after us.
For the jaundice we have him 'sunbathing' right now - in a sunny window, sleeping away.

The nursing staff has been great - never did I imagine what a blessing supportive nurses could be. From repositioning us during feeding, taking off bandages, or checking 'if this is normal' - we are grateful for their help. Yuri brought them a peck of peaches - figuring it would be better than chocolate. (The peaches here are out of this world!)

I didn't think it was possible, but I am more swollen now, than when i first got here. Owch! No salt for me for the next while. If we had to go to a desert, I'd be all set! They will take the staples out today, which I think will be a nice change. They sort of pull and ache. I get a little jealous of the ladies who delivered in the traditional way, they're crusing around the hospital - meanwhile the c-section moms are crouched over, hobbling along. I can stand up straight for a little while - I have to give it all lots of time! I had hoped to come home feeling a little more svelt than I do now - again, gotta give it time.


Just went to Williams College to visit and told all the Schmidt family about the new arrival! They send their congratulations and hope all goes well for the big transition home. Victor is sooooo cute, very much a combination of you both.

9/18/2005 8:38 PM  

Congratulations Marie and Yuri.

Both Kallysta and I think he is a cutie!

Good Luck on your first days at home!

9/20/2005 8:08 PM  

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