On the eve of my birth

So, tomorrow I'll turn 31.....wow. All that talk about time going fast, yep, I think it's true. Funny thing about the last weeks of pregnancy, time starts to move a little more slowly. It sort of feels like when you travel, the first flights go really quickly.....and then that last little puddle jumper for that 40 minute flight is the one that takes forever. And it's that flight that is the most uncomfortable too!
Tomorrow is the start of week 38 -- getting into the real home stretch at this point.

In the latest "things I never knew about"..I have pregnancy induced sleep apnea - so I get to wear an 'attractive' face mask that Yuri thinks makes me look like a fighter pilot when I sleep. The machine records the pressure needed to keep my airways open. After Victor arrives, it'll keep recording information so that afterwards we can see when it clears up. The doctor I saw yesterday thinks it's because of the hormone related congestion I have and all the water I'm carrying around. I'm glad to have a solution that is quite simple and doesn't involve medication.

Victor moves around a ton, he's active. The BIG kicks still happen here and there, but lots of squirmy-ness too.

Last night we tried to reason with him to come now - that if he came now we would use the money for the sleep thing to buy him toys instead.....that's right...we're trying to bribe the kid while he's still in the womb....oh boy! Yuri asked him to get out so he can have his wife back too.

I've started to wonder more and more how it will all wrap up - what will labor be like? how will it start? how will we react? how long will it be? lots of wondering!


Happy Birthday!!!! I hope Victor comes soon cuz he's gonna be so cute and I can't wait to see him! Hope you have a good day!

8/24/2005 1:52 PM  

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