Happy News!

No no - Victor isn't here yet -- but we got good news --

Yuri's Green Card was approved

August 17th! This is a huge relief for us both. The process started about 2 years 8 months ago, so we've been in a wait mode for a while. Yuri said all things considering, it went pretty smooth. He had other friends who've been waiting longer, and haven't gotten this far yet. It's a big waiting game, and getting to appointments -- the 'you say jump, we ask how high mode'.
He was sponsored by his work, as a distinguished researcher, so the process was different than if we had applied as a married couple. He was determined to get his Green Card on his own merits, not for being married to someone. Of course, it was always reassuring to know that if we had to apply as a married couple, we could.
What's kind of neat is that his case was approved nearly 7 years to the day that he first arrived in the US!

Yuri is encouraging the boy to come any time now. He said today 'I can't wait to see him, clean his little butt and be happy together.'

We're at 37 weeks now. At my appointment today my doctor said it could be any time, but I don't have any signs of impending labor. Of course, plenty of people have left those 'you don't look ready yet' appointments and have given birth that day - so I don't worry. He continues to grow, and squirm about.

We went to his doctor's appointment - to ask questions and get a sense of the office (which is open 365 days a year!) While we waited there was a couple with a 2 week old baby who wasn't feeling good --- crying, crying, crying. We both sat with big eyes, realizing what was coming our way. Of course the baby was sick, but listening to the crying -- it made me start to cry. Yuri was watching how the Mom and Dad were handling baby - trying to learn something. Oh boy, that's what I have to say! :) I know it will be awesome, but sometimes it is a little scary too. (like most worthwhile things we do, it all seems a little crazy before you get started. Before you head out, you wonder - will we make it? how will we survive? will we make mistakes? is it too late to turn back? -- like the night before you leave for college but on a much bigger scale.) I suppose if you aren't a little scared, you aren't being honest with yourself. We will be responsible for a little person - a real person!

I've thought a lot about how EVERYONE - good or bad - have all begun this same way. No matter who they are - the womb is where they got their start. It's pretty amazing that we also started out as a little blob of cells, and grew into people so varied but with so many common traits too. I think about this when I notice people smiling at me -- mothers who've gone through this smile, knowing being 37 weeks pregnant isn't easy and kids are excited that there's a baby in there.


Dangit...I was trying so hard to remember your birthday this year...glad to read so much happy news though!


8/27/2005 11:01 AM  

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