39 Weeks!!

We are a week away from the due date!!! Holy moly -- from back in January, these days seemed very far away -- but now here we are! He is getting bigger by the day, and is a squirmy little guy. I can tell he's getting cramped in there, because it takes a long time for him to figure out a cozy place to hang out. He is hanging out under my ribs - I keep telling him to head towards the light - but he likes the cozy area under my ribs.

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - we'll get more information about what sorts of progress -- signs of the end near. So far, everything has been as if I am just 32 weeks along. I never knew I'd talk about dialation or labor progress with people -- but here I am, and words like effacement and dilation are common in my converstations.
I've gotten used to sleeping with my face mask on - it has made a difference. I look forward to not needing it anymore, but in the meantime, sleeping well is worth the ucky-ness.

It's really hard to believe that a baby will come soon -- and he'll live with us forever.

In the 'never say that to a pregnant lady file' -- a woman walked up to me and said 'oh you look miserable' you can imagine the unkind things that I wish I had thought of saying. If you have a snappy response you can think of -- feel free to share. :)

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