A Few More Stories

This is me a couple weeks ago -- yes, I am bigger yet! My afternoon job gave me a shower this week -- I hadn't seen myself in a long mirror, from the side, for a long time -- I was shocked. There is a big ol'baby in there, and I'm lookin' big'ol.
Some women look so cute, like a little scoop of ice cream on their bellies -- I'm feeling as if I've rolled in ice cream and while a lot ended up in front, some has ended all over.
I am looking forward to not being pregnant and moving more comfortably around soon. By the time I am through the recovery period post-birth, it'll be a little cooler around here -- which will be nice too!

Here are a couple more stories from pre-birth times ----
· As Mother’s Day approached – Yuri and Nick got me a Pre-Mother’s Day present, since I am a pre-mother J, so I got my present on Thursday. When Yuri got home with the present, he was so excited – he had to give it to me right away. I opened it, saw a gift card to a local spa, and he said “I got you a wild child massage!” I thought “huh – wild child, I suppose maybe they play Grateful Dead, or do something else like that” so then he gives me the flyer with all the info, and I see it’s the WITH CHILD massage. We laughed a lot about that wild child massage J
· Shopping last weekend, waddling down the isle, Yuri stops, looks at my belly and says “Launch buddy Launch!” – I’m sure the other shoppers wondered about us a bit.
· Nicknames for Victor so far: little bean, nugget, maggot, little shits, stinky baby, buddy…..more to come I’m sure

Our quiet days have continued. Yuri has been supportive of my quest for parking spaces at the front of the lot. I have carpal tunnel in my hands and feet, so he’s been doing most of the driving for me.
Did you know that carpal tunnel is another pregnancy related issue?! I didn’t….I’ve joked that if you told me I could grow horns and a tail as part of pregnancy, I’d believe you. The president should ditch that abstinence program, and instead have women who are 9 months pregnant sit in class and tell all the gory details – it would have been scary to me!
We saw March of the Penguins last weekend – it was really good. Very relaxing – perfect for a blazing hot day. It was also perfect for us being that parenthood was a theme of the movie. It made us realize how much goes into babies of all kinds.
At our 36 week doc appointment – all is well and the doc didn’t predict Victor’s arrival in the next week. We go again on Thursday morning, and meet Victor’s doctor in the afternoon. After his experiment with pre-term arrival – he’ll hang on for as long as possible probably. I get to go the docs every week until he’s born – I don’t mind, I get to read a lot in the waiting room J
I finished reading Garlic and Sapphires, which was very enjoyable. Now I’m reading Bless Your Heart Tramp, which is laugh out loud funny.
If you could see my belly right now, you might think I am auditioning for Alien the way my belly is rolling around – eek!


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