As we were eating dinner with Sarah and Emma, I winked at Victor. So he started blinking his eyes over and over.

It's thunder.

It's lightening.

I make rain."

I tried it -- when you do that a lot, it does have storm qualities to it.

Learn something new everyday -- delighted to learn with him.

After dinner (thank you Sarah!) we went for a walk. The kids rolled on bikes and trikes. Victor managed to roll down the big hill on his own, without stopping. Yaa hoo!

He found a pack of older girls (like 6 years old) and started keeping up with them. Big kids.....

The other night Yuri and I went to see REM - and like most concerts these days - it made for interesting people watching. The twenty year old acting drunk. The EMO boys with mesh arm bands, t-shirts and ties. The dad sleeping next to the EMO boys. The stripper and her girlfriend dancing in front of a delighted group of preppy (but just edgy enough) frat boys.
What I thought about as I watched all these people -- was what story do they have to tell? I know behind our doors a new story is unfolding -- one that unless I filled you in, you might not guess it. What would I be surprised about these people's lives? What are they facing that they didn't expect or plan for? What are their worries, joys, dreams and fears? I watched the hippie mom toss the football with her son. The tan, blond guy who some how reminded me of Dazed and Confused. As I watched and overheard their conversation's - I would imagine what their lives are like -- make up a little story of what their day was like and what they'll do after the show. I always grump at myself for not remembering a notebook - because there are so many observations to be made. When I was younger -- I supposed I wanted to be seen and noticed -- now I'm happy to observe and take it all in (and hope that I'll toss the football with Victor when I take him and some friends to a concert -- to see a band we both like).


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