Listening to Dreams

Victor is asleep next to me. After rubbing my ear and singing the banana phone song and making a sleepy attempt at jumping on the bed.....after all of that....he's drifted off.
His little body curled like a fiddlehead.
Toddler coos and single words come out --- a second of laughther.
I've tried to explain to him what dreaming is -- the movies you watch while you're asleep, but I'm not sure he understands it yet.
But he did wake up the other day and ask to be Emma's brother -- love that. I love his heart. Chock'full'a'sweetness the boy is.

Summer has arrived in North Carolina. It's in the 90's but with the breeze today - I almost felt like I was in Hawaii again. I'm trying to be outside with him more in the evening. Running, spraying water, trying to get the last bit of energy out so bedtime is a little easier.

At the end of these hot days, he stinks. Like boy. Sweat. Dirt. Sand. Dried juice and food. All mixed together to make boy smell. He needs a bath everyday. He leaves dirt in the bath everyday -- there was a ring around the bath on Monday. His head was so dirty with red Carolina clay I had to wash it twice.

Love this dirty boy.


The clay was affectionately rubbed into his scalp by Emma!

6/09/2008 4:50 AM  

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