I'm on the phone with my grandpa (ie: Robert DeNiro from Meet the Parents) today on my lunch break. Victor's been there for nearly 12 days visiting with Yuri.

"Marie, I gotta tell you something."

"What? What is it?"

"You gotta teach the boy the meaning of no."

"Yeah, that's something we're working on."

"Really, it's something you need to do."

"Yep, uh-huh. You have any suggestions?"

"Well, you get yourself a bat. You know a plastic on. Not big, just a little bat.
And you just pop him every time you say no and he don't listen. He'll figure it out."

Yep...I'm getting right on that.


Ha ha!!! I read that to Ben and he's going to get a bat right now. :) Glad the boys made it back safely!!!

2/14/2008 10:12 PM  


hello...and well... let's just say David would probably agree with Pa Pa on that one except that we compromise and David can yell Knock it off JD and much to my dismay this often works-ha ha!


2/25/2008 5:05 PM  

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