They made it back. You know it's a good flight when strangers come up to you and say "I don't care what anyone says -- you are a good boy.".....

There was snow, snow thunder and lightening even! So this morning we got to play -- yaa hoo.
Victor didn't want to keep this gloves on -- so he eventually did a Christmas Story style face plant in the snow and was stuck there crying until I was able to right him. His little icy hands were bright red. Poor thing.

We baked a cake together Victor and I. Bless his heart - he tried to do the eggs -- and just like mommy -- he smashed it on the counter and threw the shells in the batter. I couldn't even get upset because the way he did it with such intent and flair - we both laughed. The counter got an egg mask and Victor got a better lesson on how eggs are done. We decorated too. Piles of sprinkles, sugar and frosting. While I was gathering the materials -- I turned around and found Victor having pulled up a chair -- with the end of the cake in his mouth but with his head on the platter -- I don't know if I've described it right -- but it made me laugh too. Happy day!


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