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The other day on my drive home I heard a reviewer on NPR talking about the best music for kids. Often when I hear about music for kids, I cringe at hearing the same lame song over and over again. I think about having to hear "Who Built the Ark" repeatedly on a 6 hour drive and wonder how I can prevent this from happening to me (I can still sing most of the song on comand, and it's been nearly 20 years since that drive).
So far my approach to music has been to let Victor listen to music I like - figuring between Yuri, Momma Hedy & I, he'll be exposed to a wide range of music and musical styles. At the same time, part of me wants him to be able to know some of the classic kids songs that should be a part of childhood. With Kindergarten as a SAT-Prep course now a days - I thought I should figure out something that works for both of us.
Lucky me I heard Stephan Shepard's reviews, which led me to his blog, Zooglobble. The mother load of awesome children's music. Yaa hooo.
His approach to kids music makes sense to me -- it's not bad to expose them to adult music - but if there is great music that both parents and kids can enjoy -- all the better. The reviews have helped me to make some great playlists and today when I grocery shopped - I actually brought the MP3 player w/me and listened to awesome kids music - I think I walked around the grocery store w/a silly smile on my face listening to awesome renditions of classic kids music and songs I've never heard before. Yaaaaaa hooooo! Simple pleasures for me.
If you have some good kids music that you enjoy listening to - please share. :)


We love all the Putamayo playground selections we've picked up. We have African Playground, Frence Playground, Carribean Playground, and Folk Playground so far. They're great!

1/25/2008 11:16 AM  

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