Merry Christmas to all!

Victor is still awake. Is it that he's waiting for Santa? Is it all the cookie dough he ate? Is it the large full moon? Hard to know what it is - but it's after 10pm -- and he's still plugged in.....perhaps he is starting to understand what all this Christmas excitment is all about.

He's still just getting the idea of it all, I'm sure next year he'll really start to get the whole picture.

A couple fun stories......

Yesterday we went to see Santa (because who would be there so close to Christmas....? Everyone and their mother in case you wondered) Victor didn't manage a nap - so that would be the perfect time for a visit to Santa - right?

We got to Santa's house (ie: the mall). We had been prepping him on the ride over -- we're going to see Santa, he's going to bring you presents because you are a good boy.....

As we stroll in, a Sear's employee is taking a break outside --

"Oh little boy, you are all dressed up. Who are you going to go see?"

"Obama! Obama! Obama! Yeah!!!!"...Victor starts clapping.

"'s a little Democrat we have here...this is a Republican store...just kidding y'all."

My mom's comment later on...."Yeah, maybe Sears is Republican...they don't have a lot of color there."

We get to the Santa area - and the line is long....long....long....long...but sweet too -- kids all dressed up with their letters to Santa in their hands, reading their list, pacing as they wait.

Plus -- Santa was on his hour break.

The line was long, and he wasn't even there.

It was going to be an hour maybe more.

So we told Victor Santa was taking a break..

"Ca-ca? Poopy?"

"Yes, maybe Santa is pooping, he's a man and uses the potty (always trying to get a potty reference in there)."

"Santa...peee-u! Stinky! Santa stinky!"

So Victor didn't get to see Santa because Santa was taking a potty break.

Tonight. We're trying to explain the Christmas tradition to him --
"Victor who is coming tonight to bring you presents?"
"Obama! Obama!"

Victor will watch for Obama on TV, listen for his voice on the radio or pictures in print. The other day we watched videos on Obama's website - a toddler watching debate highlights.
Well -- it's getting a little late even for me -- the little toddler dance upstairs has stopped so I guess it's safe for me to go to bed. I'll listen for some sleigh bells tonight. In case you wondered why Santa lives up north -- listen in and you'll know!


Funny indeed! When I asked Emma, "Guess who's coming tonight?" she replied hopefully, "Mo!" (the name of a teenage babysitter who came 3 times last week).

12/27/2007 6:46 AM  

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