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Sorry LeadBaby readers I have been so slow to post lately --- when we returned from New York our house was a dusty, empty mess, so most of the week was spent getting everything in order (and trying to organize/reduce/let go at the same time) so that week was a little crazy. Touch up painting...going through boxes.....lifting & moving -- all while trying to be a grad student and take care of my little guy. It didn't leave much energy for much else.
Now things are in order -- what a delight! Of course, like most home projects, it makes you realize some other thing you haven't completed but meant to -- so we have a new list of to-do's to tackle -- but none of them involve emptying our entire downstairs and covering it all with a thick layer of dust! :)
Victor was a real trooper through the whole process, and calling on help from friends also really helped (learning to ask for help when I need it) Rather than having Victor underfoot, he got to have adventures with Felecia & Kevin or Emma & Sarah that he talked about for days after. Yaa hoo!
Victor has become a little parrot -- which we have just loved. Of course, there are a few phrases that would have been better to not repeat....but we'll hope those get forgotten before too long.
He even says some of my mom's favorite Spanish phrases -- and in context too!
I've learned something about this speech business -- that is -- yes they will all get it at their own pace --- but getting support helps you know that you aren't missing the boat on something he needs. The phrase "I wish we knew about this earlier" isn't something I want to have to say. Regret is not an emotion I like. So -- he's been evaluated and gets speech services from the county. I don't know if Miss Carla will come for long, but the activities are helpful.
It seems like a lot of things in the world -- you loose the library book, you get the replacement -- the missing one turns up. You worry about bug's speech, you get him evaluated and then he starts talking. Something about putting the energy out into the universe I suppose.

More to come ---- it's time to shower....thanks for your patience in my slow posting!


Marie, thanks for the update. I miss your posts when you get busy, but Lord knows I understand. It's amazing all the things you undertake. Enjoy the new floors and the temporary order before fretting over the new projects!

11/28/2007 5:36 AM  

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