We were going to go to Charleston, but instead we went to New York to visit Yuri's good friends and Victor's godfather. It's amazing how different life is here. It's just a matter of getting used to the differences, but it's still amazing to take it all in. The subway (it's above ground here, so I should call it the train) but it's outside the window and we can watch it pass by - Victor is in love.
Considering the drive (it took 10 hours), Victor did great. He loved watching the trucks going by, and was giving us the running truck commentary. We went to the huge Cabella's store somewhere in PA, it was a pretty big hit w/Victor they had an airplane, lots of stuffed animals and a fish pond. Fun.
Tomorrow we'll go to the Russian part of Brooklyn so Yuri can get some food and Victor can get some culture. We'll try to visit the Statue of Liberty - at least the state park which is near where we're staying in Jersey City.
More to come.


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