Play Freebird!

Victor's first concert (that wasn't in a park) was Dan Zanes & Friends -- and it was terrific! All the kids were dancing (and some shy ones where hanging with their parents too - still having a great time) We were on the floor dancing just a few feet from the band, or running all over the Triad Stadge -- Victor tried to get into the control booth, was interested in the stairs and the chairs that move up & down. It was a blast! Felecia & Jeni & her son came with us (G-Ma Hedy, me & little man) and fun was had by all.

Rugs were cut, booties were shaking and hands were waving. It was such a fun fun night. Victor danced a bunch and spent a lot of time observing the performers. He seemed really interested in the drummers and watched them closely. I would be happy if he wanted to play an instrument -- we'll see if he's interested as time goes on. Yuri wants to get him a drum set -- I think maybe we should wait a little while on that one -- maybe until we move the country at least!


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