Chopping and Cutting

Little chef in the house.....

Victor enjoys being in the kitchen -- yesterday I got it in my head that I was going to make zuchinni bread -- like 8 loaves and 24 muffins. Not loaves really -- because some how I have only 1 loaf pan -- but 1 loaf, 5 bundt pans and 24 muffins. I used a dozen & a 1/2 of eggs -- a pound of butter -- over 20 cups of flour -- and he was entralled watching me through it all. Shredding the zuchinni was a real attention keeper.

Here's something to do with all that zuchinni we're getting overwhelmed with this time of year. The large ones that are starting to get overly seedy & tough -- take your veggie peeler & shave the zuchinni into ribbons. When you get to the seeds stop -- just the outside & inner-flesh to the seeds. Take the ribbons & saute them w/onion, garlic and Italian herbs. Throw in a jar of tomato sauce -- and dinner is done. Top with a generous sprinkle of cheese over pasta. Lovely. You could saute some peppers or tomatoes if you have them overflowing from your garden too!
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