It's Saturday night here in Honolulu -- a town known for an active night life --- it's not quite 8 and we're headed to bed. Victor is likely asleep as I write this was a fun day, so I think he's just tuckered out.
Today we started by waking up at 6:30 ---- what a treat! It was the first day we weren't showing Victor that it was still dark out & time for sleepy at 3am. Simple pleasures for simple people.
We went to the Dole Plantation & Gardens --- it was interesting. We learned all about pineapples & how they grow (one fruit takes over a year to grow and they are all harvested & planted by hand!) They had a little train we got to ride on and that was a big hit! Victor was so happy to ride it around -- tears were shed saying goodbye to the train. We then went to feed the fish -- lots of smiles for 4 quarters. It was nice because it was a large area he could run around in -- and he was smiling at everyone, so he was happy to get smiles back too. We went to the garden area, which was a little harder for him -- he wanted to run in the gardens, not on the grass -- so that the gardeners wouldn't come and thunk him, we tossed him in the stroller -- which he wasn't impressed with. I did still manage to take some pictures of the really beautiful flowers. We went to the North Shore to have lunch & then slowly made our way south -- Victor could snooze & we got to take in the views. When he did wake up - we were near Waimanalo Beach Park so we got to splash around for a little while. Because of the full moon there were Portugese Man-of-War around - but we watched out for them and didn't get stung. They would wash up on the shore and the kids around would pick them up with a stick & put them into their collection bag. There were some strong undertow currents, so we didn't splash & relax as much as we had before. I did see a sea turtle swimming around in the surf - likely eating the jelly fish.
Tomorrow we'll have breakfast with friends I knew when I lived here -- it will be fun to catch up and hear about their adventures. The conference for Yuri starts tomorrow & his presentation is on Monday -- so we'll have to put on the work hat before long.


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