21 Months in a flash!

Really....can it be true? It isn't too far now & it will be 22 months, and the official start of 2 is right around the corner (believe me, we've already had a good taste of it)

It was 2 years ago this July, I was swollen, asked to be restful and hanging out in the recliner. It was 2 years ago July 1st that I was having preterm labor at 30 weeks, scared that I was going to have a three pound baby. It was 2 years ago that I was pretty sure if you told me I would grow a tail as just another aspect of pregnancy not everyone experiences, I would have believed you.

And now, 2 years later we have found a place for a the gear we were overwhelmed with at the time, mastered the 5 minute bath and found the real potential for love our hearts hold.

I wouldn't trade it for anything for sure.

Are there days that are hard --- uh, without a doubt.

But as one mom said when we were in Hawaii, the times it's the hardest are when you have a task that you want to do, and can't get to it (float on the raft alone, read on the beach, take a nap in the sun, make a dinner that doesn't come out of a box & involve orange dust) so just understand that those things won't happen (for now) and enjoy what you are doing.

I understood exactly what she was saying.

I get itchy the most when I want to do X, Y or Z and keep getting interrupted and stopped -- and V just wants to throw the ball -- he doesn't understand that mom just wants to send an email or read an article.
My to-be read pile is larger than it was 2 years ago - but I am a happier mom for that -- and that is a little slice of wonder for sure.

for those wondering when will she post a dang picture already!.....new lens have arrived, pictures should not be far off.


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