No pictures to share

Because we were at the spa -- and it creeps people out if you're in their snapping away. :) So I didn't take any pictures (if you can believe it)
We listened to the membership information (basically pre-paying for the hotel portion of the visit for 40 weeks at a discount) and we got a nice credit to use in the spa.
Love the spa.
Yuri was happy to visit the hydrotherapy area for a little while and then go lay on the beach. He was earnestly surprised when he realized he was in the topless portion of the beach. I think by the end of the afternoon he said "ya know boobs are boobs" But I still think he was surprised at the boldness of the topless ladies because he would poke me and say "oh there's another one".
I enjoyed the hydrotherapy area -- steam room, mineral tubs, a foot bath and a cold shower from every direction (yikes!). All the services were great. (massage, body scrub & pedicure) and it was super relaxing. One area by the treatment rooms had a terrific view of the pool area and ocean -- so it was neat to watch everyone bustling about while I was puddy.

As for Victor -- my mom and grandma report that he is doing well and having a great time. Now of course, they are going to leave out any sad parts -- but they sound positive, so I think that most of the time it's good stuff. My grandma said that he is keeping them in stitches laughing all the time -- which I believe because my grandma and mom love to laugh -- once one gets started the other one can't help it. If I'm there, I catch it too and it's a whole group of ladies trying not to pee their pants. It's so nice to have them with Victor -- even though I miss him and we talk about him all the time, or see things we know he would enjoy -- I am relaxed knowing that he's in loving hands.

We're going to an eco-park today -- so I'm sure there will be pictures to share before long.


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