We've made it. Phew. It was a long trip -- 6,000 miles (+/-) 3 flights, lots of bags of preztels and 3 in-flight movies --- but we're here and enjoying the island way of life alreay.
You can feel it as soon as you get here -- even if Honolulu itself is a large city -- there's a feeling of relaxation here in Hawai'i.
We are staying right across the street from Wakiki at an Surfer/Elvis 1950's kitch hotel (Wakiki Beach Hotel) -- I love the lime green walls, surf boards & aloha print bedspreads.

We went to the beach this morning -- Victor's first ocean water. He loved the sand and enjoyed playing, digging and enjoying the water. He's napping now -- tuckered out from the water play & the trip I'm sure.

Hawai'i is really a magical place -- I had forgotten how beautiful it is -- the mountains, the misty clouds, the beach - it's very cool. I also love how the different cultures mix together here -- Asians of all types, American's, Indian's and of course the native Hawaiian people too -- it's all combines to make beautiful people. The food here is a terrific fusion of Asian, Hawaiian, American -- but heavy Asian influence -- I have to take the guys to have mochi ice cream, which was a favorite of mine when I was here -- so strange to remember it was 1995 -- how can so much time have passed!

The Hawaiian culture really respects children & the elders -- one example of that is during the local news - they celebrate kids turning one (and I love the traditional Hawaiian names too!! Example --- Ronin Nogami Kekoakukehakehaikaliani Souza who's birthday was May 28th) Across the newsbar this morning was scrolling Happy Birthday and when they did the spot for the kids they described the whole family & explained that the kiddo likes to do -- very sweet. Keiki (or children) are really special here -- people say hello to kids with a genuine happiness. Men are Kine -- women - wahine. Hawaiian language pops up all over the place.

We're going to rent a car so I can take the boys to the other side of the island, which I remember as being so beautiful.

We'll have photos to post before long I'm sure.


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