Today Victor and I went to a consignment sale to outfit him for the coming months because soon his stash of clothes will end. I love the consignment sales because it's reusing things rather than purchasing new, it goes to a good cause and I love finding a good deal. I can't seeing paying so much for clothing that will get banged up and dirty -- not to mention to 'misplace it' factor of so many fleece jackets. I spent $80 for more than 75% of his summer clothing -- I could have just gotten this or this.

One of the things I was thinking about was the piles of shoes there. Little shoes hardly used -- so sweet. You look at the buckles and can hear a little girl ask for help buckling it.
My feet aren't sweet. They are big. Wide too. Size 11 1/2 (that 1/2 thanks to Victor) If I put a buckle on my shoes it might double for a fence latch. I've shopped at stores that cater to cross-dressers (great pumps in large sizes) but that solution really only worked if I wanted patent leather, thigh-highs. There are many sources for larger sized women's shoes -- but it takes the thrill of the hunt out of it. There isn't that same excitement of finding a great pair of shoes at TJ Maxx. My feet keep me well attached to the earth for sure. They carry me well. When I do yoga, mounatin pose is a favorite because I really work all the different parts of my feet. Perhaps someday all the big-footed women around the world will get organzied & have a consignment sale of our own. Maybe Robeez can make shoes for grown-ups -- I would love a pair of these.


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