Reach out --

I'm a news junkie -- NPR is on all day long I know the programing by heart -- even the mid-day lineup & Sunday afternoon (post-PHC) and part of my job is to summarize the daily news in the Middle East using as many middle east news sources as possible -- not always an uplifting task. As I shake my head at what is happening, sometimes feeling overwhelmed & powerless at all the sadness in the world I wonder about ways to make things better.

This week Felecia shared with me a simple way -- writing to a child in an orphanage in Uganda. A co-worker of ours has spent several weeks each year working over there -- bringing donations that he's collected, connecting with the kids and sharing their stories with us here. It's a powerful, person-to-person, on the ground experience and the kind of thing that can help one person make a difference for one other person.

He suggested that we write to the kids -- one to one. Make a connection with someone and share stories, laughter and concerns -- remembering that in our humanness there are so many opportunities to connect with someone.

Perhaps you would like to connect -- here's some information. If would like to get involved -- leave a comment (anonymous comments won't work too well) I can share it with my co-worker & he can get you connected with a child. Person by person -- making a simple difference. Remembering that the simple can often be profound.

Here is a newspaper article about a local couple who is working there now and the challenges they face.


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