Flying with Faith

Victor & I are flying on Saturday, on our own to meet Yuri, my mom & brother in San Diego. I've flown before with Victor, solo even -- but this will be the first flight where he will be ACTIVE, MOBILE and have an OPINION about how things will go. But I am prepared to make it go a smoothly as it can with the following:

1: roll of tape --- many moments can be taken with wonderful tape. What fun it is to play with tape. If I could bring a roll of aluminum foil I would.

2: new truck toy, palm sized, does not make a sound, with the tags on -- because you know the tag is the best part

3: a remote control, without batteries -- he can try and try to change the channels.

4: baby leash -- so while we're in Detroit he can run & burn off energy. If I remember right, I think they have a playground there, we'll find it for sure. With this age group having a longish layover is a good thing.

5: mini-bags of goldfish -- to prevent major spills

6: big smiles & a roll with it attitude -- because it will only be so long and I think he'll be pretty excited to look out the window & see what's going on.

Say a little prayer that our trip is safe, uneventful & full of helpful strangers (who I will gladly let help me along) Say a prayer that the seat next to us is empty -- I could contain him in a little Victor flying pack n' play.

Today I had dental work done -- from 10 - 12:30 in the chair -- I had to watch CNN (all Anna Nicole, all the time) and my face feels like someone punched me. Dang. My dentist is very kind and gives me a fleecy blanket to cozy up with while they drill -- simple pleasures.

My friends Felecia & Kevin came over to have dinner. A neighbor dropped off her kids for a 45 minute gap between when she left & her husband came home. Kevin remarked that there was too much reality going on as we cleaned up the flung food, tried to contain the toddler toy whirlwind, the older boy needed help with pooping on the potty and someone was crying for some reason or another. Yep. Toddler daze reality for sure!


You probably know this Marie, but take several pacifiers, with strings or clips to attach them. If you can't pin them to Victor at least pin them to the diaper bag. Anything else you don't want to lose, consider attaching it to something. And have lots of wipes handy in different places, and a plastic bag to put the used ones in. A small thing of hand sanitizer is good for you - you probably want to avoid extraneous trips to the restroom. Saline nose gel or drops are good to prevent his nose drying out in the airplane air. And have a spillproof sippy cup with only water in it - no stickiness, no stains.

2/23/2007 9:39 AM  

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